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      Dogpile Possibly the most popular metasearch engine on the Web, also has classified directories and news options. Mixes paid listings from Yahoo! and Google in with the main ('organic') results, which come from Yahoo!, Google, Bing, About and Ask. Dogpile is owned and operated by InfoSpace which also runs WebCrawler and MetaCrawler.
      Dogpile UK The UK version of Dogpile, once used a wide range of British sources but now gets results from the same few engines as the "International" version above, intermixing the same liberal sprinkling of Yahoo! Marketing (ex-Overture) and Adwords paid listings.
      Excite Once a major standalone search engine, currently shows results from Google, About, Yahoo! and Ask. Excite was purchased by Ask from Interactive Search Holdings (March, 2004) along with iWon, MyWay, MySearch, and MyWebSearch.
      InCrawler Searches AllTheWeb, Wisenut, and its own directory of paid-for listings.

      World and UK options. Claims to use 14 'worldwide' (US-focus) search engines, but only Google, Ask, Yahoo! and Bing are apparent.
      InfoSpace Like WebCrawler, which it owns, InfoSpace once delivered results using its own resources. Now it mostly sources results from the spidering engines Google, Ask and Yahoo! and the About directory. InfoSpace operates a family of Internet properties that includes Dogpile.com, InfoSpace.com, Excite.com, MetaCrawler.com and WebCrawler.com, and provides the Web search, along with online yellow and white page directories, for a variety of Web sites.

      Ixquick UK
      Critically acclaimed for its power, relevant results and clean, simple interface. Uses up to 10 sources including: Ask, Digg, Gigablast, Bing, Wikipedia and Yahoo!
      KillerInfo Worldwide multiple searcher based in Canada. Once claimed "over 260 data sources" but most recently only Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Lycos have been apparent.
      Mamma Gets results from Ask, EntireWeb, WiseNut, FindWhat, Gigablast and the directories About.com, Business.com and DMOZ. Not based in the US, but in North America's largest Euro-centric enclave: Montr閍l, Qu閎ec.
      Metacrawler Uses the usual suspects (Yahoo!, Google, Bing and Ask). Results include any deemed relevant paid-for listings from Yahoo! and Google. Metacrawler is owned and operated by InfoSpace, which also runs Dogpile and Webcrawler.
      Moonmist CURRENTLY OFFLINE. Original focus was on sources with a UK emphasis. Now offers worldwide and country selection that includes UK. Plus Business Search (Thomson) and People Search (BT). Unique feature: Wayback Machine option for most search results. Can be slow.
      MultiMeta Uses a uniquely oddball collection of resources including: 7search, About.com, Ah-Ha.com, ExactSeek, Findwhat, Yahoo.de, and occasional PPC listings from Mirago, the UK-based organisation which disgracefully neglected and then abandoned its once-excellent and all-British independent search engine in favour of an AdWords-style, mostly invisible and non-searchable, pay-per-click network.
      Search.com Owned by CNET.com, its results include general Web sites from Ask.com, Google, MSN/Live Search and the ODP, and begin with six ads from Google.
      SearchyUK Searchy.co.uk has a 100% UK focus and uses the co.uk or UK versions of Google, Yahoo!, Bing, AltaVista, HotBot, Lycos, and more.
      ToxicLemon Under revision. Previously supplied all-UK results, but mainly ads, from a claimed but not specified total of 10 engines, plus its own directory of paid-only listings.
      Vroosh Vroosh takes a stab at multiple-countries search with meta-searching offered via a long list of (user defined) optional destinations to choose from.
      WebCrawler Once, like its current owner Infospace, a standalone engine in its own right, now an eight-source metasearcher.
      WebWorks  (This site) All the main (and some minor) UK or World Search Engines ready to use (individually) on one page.
      ZapMeta UK  ZapMeta is a new meta searcher that offers speedy, relevant results from eight search engines and the Open Directory. You can make country-specific and other choices here: http://www.zapmeta.com/search/meta/preferences.pl