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      Regional UK Newspaper Groups & Companies

      UK Regional Newspaper Groups
      A spate of takeovers in recent years has greatly concentrated British regional and local newspaper ownership. Less than twenty publishers now account for almost 90 per cent of all regional press titles in Great Britain. Some national daily newspaper publishers also own regional weeklies and other local news titles. The Trinity Mirror group, for example, accounts for 155 regional titles, mostly in Scotland and Wales, and in the North of England. Rivals Johnston Press have 160 titles. Newsquest owns 300+ newspapers and has a network of 160 local Web sites, which includes Glasgow's The Herald, The Northern Echo (Darlington) and Telegraph Argus (Bradford), together attracting more than 5 million unique users and over 50 million page impressions per month. All the Newsquest 'ThisIs...' news sites and other titles are listed here. Regional publisher Archant owns 75 newspapers, including 42 'free sheets'. There are some 1,200 local/regional newspaper Web sites in the UK (March 2009).